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Cancer Research UK – Fun Casino fundraiser


We have decided to postpone our event, due to the very sudden and unexpected death of

one volunteer committee members and one of the main organisers of this event, Myriam Capen.


Myriam had just arrived in the US as her father has recently passed away.  She and her mum were

travelling from Florida, where her parents had settled for their retirement, to Massachuetts where

her father was from and is to be buried.  Her mum tells me that Myriam seemed fine but then felt

increasingly unwell, but thought it was a stress related tummy pain.  She went to bed and her mum

found her but there was nothing that could be done. It seems, from the initial results of the post

mortem, that Myriam had a burst appendix which lead to peritonitis.


We are all shocked and saddened, and devastated for her mum, who had just lost her husband

and now Mryiam, her only child whom she spoke to every day.


Myriam came onto our fundraising committee having initially been a participant in our Race for Life

event (her dad had been ill for a long while with cancer).  She also brought in her then employer

as a donor and subsequently a sponsor of the event.  As one of our fellow committee members

has written “she was really open, friendly, bubbly, enthusiastic, conscientious, ..... a good enthusiastic,

supportive member of the committee & will be sadly missed.” 


If anyone knew Myriam and wants to contact her mum directly please email me here.


With regard to the casino event, we have had a lot of interest and so plan to re-schedule it for the autumn.  As so many people are busy with school holidays and the spring season of events here, this will hopefully enable interest to convert to commitment and make the next event a great success and a tribute to our  dear friend.

Thank you.

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